Purpose of Life Part I (From Disco To Dustbin)

Few days back I was roaming in Connaught Place in Delhi with friends in the evening time, trying to find a good disco for the Saturday night party. Since long time I hadn’t been to disco in Connaught Place, so I was confused which disco to choose. So we stopped at Momo’s Point to enquire about good discos in the area and also we thought, let us try few Momos. Then we ordered two Momos plates. By chance my attention went to the nearby dustbin surrounded by 4-5 street dogs. All the street dogs were fighting over the bit and pieces of left over Momos in the dustbin. Although I am not an animal activist like Maneka Gandhi but still I felt some mercy for the street dogs. I thought let me take out some momo pieces from my plate and give it to the dogs. So, I took 4 pieces of momos and went towards the dustbin. When I was about to the throw momos towards street dogs, I observed that along with dogs, there was something else moving in the dustbin. After going close to the dustbin I was shocked!

I observed that there was a kid inside the dustbin. Initially I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then after confirming, I found out that, the kid was trying to find left over food from the dustbin. Suddenly a cold shock wave went through my whole body. After seeing this I was frozen in silence for 2 mins. I went ahead and asked the kid to come out of the dustbin. Initially the kid was scared, but I told him that I will give him food, so he came out. He was wearing clothes for the name sake. His shirt and half pant were completely torn and he was bare footed too, while I was fully covered in Denim jeans, Peter England Shirt and woodland shoes. Our clothes were beyond comparison, so were our fates. It was the month of Nov and winters were already there. I don’t want to imagine how the kid must be feeling in this chilli winter in his torn clothes. After seeing all this, my eyes were filled with tears. I wanted to do something for the kid, but was not sure what. Then I took the kid and asked the Momo’s Shop keeper to serve the kid with two plates of momos. My friends, who were waiting impatiently to go to the disco, were also quiet after seeing all this. The kid quickly grabbed the momos plate from the shop keeper and started to eat them in a hurry. May be he was scared that somebody might take his momos away. I don’t have words to express my feeling. He was eating momos, but I had the feeling that my stomach was getting filled. I had never experienced this kind of feeling before. Even I would go the extent to say that I had the “Permanand” feeling. It just took two mins for him to finish two plates of momos. But those two mins completely changed my though process, my priorities and my purpose of life.

After feeding him, I went to disco with my friends, but couldn’t enjoy even a single minute. For that whole evening I was only thinking about the kid. How the kid will survive, who will feed him next time, what will happen to his future. All these questions kept bugging me the whole evening. I started to think, how can I contribute to make this kid’s life better? What I can do to make these kids stop eating from dustbin. How can I provide them enough food? Tell me, will you pick up the food from dustbin and eat? I know the answer. This incident forced me to think, “What is purpose of my life?” Is it to earn more and more money, have a big bungalow, make fame and name in the society, get a 6 figure job in US and live a comfortable life there?

Or something else!


I am aware of the fact that there are hundreds of people in India, who are dying because of hunger every day, but it never attracted my attention. But this one small incident changed my purpose of life completely. It made me understand, that you actually live, when start living for others. Money can purchase any materialist object of the world, but it cannot buy inner satisfaction and peace. It can be only achieved by serving others.